The Dada collection is inspired by Dadaisme, which is a multi-disciplinary, avant-gardist movement. The collection is a continuation of the preceding one, Ojo, which itself celebrated the artists of the movement as well as those of its successor, surrealism. The creator of the collection is largely influenced by the work of Jean Arp and plays with abstract forms, overlay and the addition of colours. Her elegantly designed  jewellery plunges us into a modern, playful and endlessly surprising universe.

The collection honours Dada women, artists, muses or partners who actively participated in the movement or who were discreet influencers of it. The pieces are in solid silver, brass, gold-plated brass and carry delicate, luminously-coloured pearls of fresh water. The diversity of the materials and the difference in the techniques used have enabled a varied, artistic expression that thus creates elegant forms that allow the imagination to flow: a face, a mouth, a woman’s body can be seen, depending on how we wish to interpret them. The models use elements from Calder, Matisse, Picabia, Taeuber and many others and create an esthetic and coloured ensemble.

Like dadaisme, the odd earrings of this collection call into question the constraints of esthetics. Ignoring convention, these earrings can be worn alone or together depending on our moods or tastes. Like tiny sculptures, their original shapes remind us of the harmonious curves of Jean Arp’s bronzes. The play of the lines and the overlay of simple shapes invite us into an abstract and playful world, which is immensely representative of the brand.

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