Inspired by Surrealism, the Ojo collection, (“eye”, in Spanish) revolves around the eye, which symbolizes the skilled, critical eye of the artist, sketched in a naïfstyle. From Dalì to Picasso and Mirò the collection is bathed in an eccentric, retro-inspired atmosphere, both trendy and timeless. Joëlle Paquette, author of the blog Very Joëlle, poses in this ludic, anything-but-traditional campaign; the vintage and playful style are reminiscent of the jewellery, while the vibrant shades and colourful lines create a unique look.

Ojo falls in three lines: Simple and sleek, Houria is a series of small jewellery of classic, timeless shapes. It shows only one eye per jewellery, open or closed, thus offering a larger selection. Because of their simplicity, each style can be mixed and matched with others. Miya experiments with motifs. The pieces are more imposing and make heads turn. It is without a doubt the most playful line of the collection. Nadja plays with movement with its double-sided charms, showing an open eye on one side and a closed eye on the other, like a wink. The name refers to Nadja's book by André Breton, main theorist of surrealism. This line results in an elegant and refined style.

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