Rock Crystal SOGA Necklace



Make your jewellry style crystal clear in this quartz version of the Soga necklace. The translucent colour of the rock crystal paired together with the brightly colored cords invites the wearer to experiment with a statement piece that’s as elevated as it is unique. Each rock crystal bead is separated by an exaggerated nautical-inspired knot and bound together by a decorative magnetic clasp that keeps the necklace securely fastened. Inspired by rugged seascapes, the transparent quality of the crystal beads symbolizes both the hypnotic movement of jellyfish and the soothing effect of clear waters while the textured groves of the ornamental clasp pay tribute to eroded sea cliffs sculpted by salt winds and crashing waves. 

The rock crystal SOGA is locally handcrafted by Nina in her Montreal atelier.

The must : The versatility of the magnetic clasps featured on the SOGA bracelets and necklaces makes them easy to mix and match. Extend your necklace with a second SOGA bracelet, create contrasting tones or play with thread colours. In other words, be the artist of your jewellry.


Rock crystal is a transparent variety of mineral quartz and is appreciated for its beautiful clarity and lack of flaws. Its name derives from the Greek term Krustallos meaning ‘ice’ and it is the sister gemstone to colourful varieties of quartz such as amethyst and citrine. Crystal jewelry became popular in the 19th century and was often used as a gemstone to replace diamonds.


Material & Measurements

  • Rock crystal beads (12 mm) stringed on coloured nylon thread. 
  • Magnetic clasp is available in sterling silver or in 14k gold plated brass (3 microns thick). 
  • Polished finish 
  • Available in 2 different lengths : 16 po (40 cm) / 18 po (45 cm). Unsure of your size? Ask for assistance  :



  • Sold per unit
  • Available on demand with 14k or 18k solid gold clasp.   
  • Important notice : Magnets are not suitable for people with a pacemaker or other electronic medical device as well as for pregnant women (ask your doctor for advice).
  • How to care of your jewelry : see 


* Each piece purchased during the preorder period will be shipped by the 5th of december 2022. Past this, the delivery is not guaranted before christmas. For more details : shipping

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