Established in 2015, the eponymous brand of French jeweler Nina Janvier introduces refined jewelry for those who shape their lives into works of art. Drawing inspiration from the realms of art and fashion, her playful pieces distinguish themselves through originality, beauty, and individuality.

Designed to be seen and crafted to be comfortable, and with an emphasis on local and artisanal production, NinaJanvier endeavors to preserve traditional jewelry techniques, offering unique and high-end products supported by a made-to-order approach that encourages thoughtful consumption.

Initially recognized for collections inspired by Dadaist and Surrealist movements—featuring naive motifs, asymmetrical and fluid shapes reflecting Nina's passion for art and her Spanish heritage—the brand's reputation has since evolved in a deeply personal direction, drawing inspiration from nature and maritime life. The unconventional incorporation of fluorescent threads, alongside ornamental, sculptural clasps, melded with mother-of-pearl pearls, semi-precious stones, and various metals, further contributes to the brand's distinctive aesthetic.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by Nina in her studio boutique and is available at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and select concept stores. Since 2022, the brand has been making international strides, with a significant presence in France, Switzerland, and Belgium, where it has established several distributors.

About The Designer

Nina Janvier's journey from her hometown in Normandy to bustling cities like Paris, Grenada, and Barcelona has always been fueled by a rich blend of French and Spanish culture inherited from her parents. Her passion for music, particularly the violin, spanned nearly two decades, alongside a keen interest in fashion and the arts. Graduating in international business, she found herself caught up in the vibrant pulse of urban life, first in Barcelona and then in Paris, where she ventured into marketing.

However, it was her move to Montreal in 2014 that marked a significant shift in Nina's career path. Enrolling in the Montreal Jewelry School, she delved into the world of jewelry design, eventually establishing her own brand in 2015. Since then, Nina has been on a continuous journey of mastering both modern and traditional jewelry techniques while experimenting with various forms and materials.

Through her designs, Nina blends traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, challenging norms and encouraging us to embrace our creativity and individuality. With each piece, she invites us to become the artists of our own lives, expressing ourselves through color, curiosity, and boundless creativity.