Amidst the bustling marine world and port atmosphere, dockers ready moored ships for their next voyage. Long-standing superstitions have perpetuated the belief that women bring bad luck aboard ships. Despite the exception of the figurehead, often depicting a female bust, sailors have historically overlooked them in maritime life.

Marinera, derived from the Spanish word for "marine," hurls femininity at a traditionally masculine sphere. It celebrates raw beauty and grace, embracing vibrant colors and fluid movements. In a striking fusion of neon hues, lustrous pearls, scales, and interwoven shells, Marinera breathes new life into classic pearl necklaces and chain motifs, infusing them with a contemporary interpretation. NinaJanvier collections pay a loud tribute to the sea, its dance, and its formidable power, highlighting determination, resilience, and audacity—essential attributes for navigating turbulent waters and challenging conventional attitudes.