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  • Concha Pendant
  • Concha Pendant
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Concha Pendant

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Nina's profound fascination for marine life and the sea as a place of healing, beauty, unpredictability, and uniqueness is eloquently reflected in the exquisite piece, "Concha." Paying homage to nature's overlooked treasures, the name itself, "Concha," meaning shell in Spanish, serves as a poignant reminder of the precious gifts nature bestows upon us when we pause to appreciate and cherish them. The baroque pearl pendant, a central element of this artful creation, gracefully hangs amidst a sea of smaller pearls. Each pearl is intricately linked by hand-tied, subtle knots, adding a modern pop of color that further accentuates the timeless beauty of the sea-inspired design.

The Concha necklace is locally handcrafted by Nina in her Montreal atelier.

  • 3-4mm baroque freshwater pearls featured on colored silk thread
  • Gold-plated brass (3-microns) or 925 silver pendant with 9-10 mm baroque pearl
  • 925 silver or 10k gold clasp
  • Mirror-polished finish 
  • Length: 20”. Pendant: 0.5” x 0.3”
  • Available in18k solid gold on demand: hello@ninajanvier.com
  • Product care

Each piece of jewelry is made to order. Please allow 15 working days before shipping. For questions or further details, please email hello@ninajanvier.com